Prashant Ingale

Prashant Ingale

Senior Software Architect

Prashant is currently the Senior Software Architect at Markelytics and leads the team for our SaaS Products from the technology front. He has always been interested in working on the challenging projects and solving complex problems. 

Prashant has a total of 19 years of experience in the domain. He has in his bag many achievements like the successful implementation of MVPs in the past. he also has years of experience in Hadoop, Big Data and multi-tiered architecture. He is also a certified ScrumMaster. 

Previously, he has largely worked with start-ups and built MPVs.  He was the CTO of CreditMate and has also worked as the Tech Lead at Ness Technologies.  

He is an engineer with a Computer Science major. 

He is deeply involved in sports activities and enjoys running and tracking in his free time. He also makes sure to spare some time for gardening & swimming.