Belgian Waffle Factory to partner with Me-Grow Merchant to get the real taste from its customers

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  • Belgian Waffle Factory to partner with Me-Grow Merchant to get the real taste from its customers

Association aimed at getting real-time insights & harnessing superior marketing capabilities 

The woman-owned & 100% bootstrapped QSR chain, Belgian Waffle Factory, has joined hands with the revolutionary & first-of-its-kind tech SaaS product, Me-Grow Merchant, to understand its customers better and harness superior marketing capabilities. This partnership is currently limited to its store in Frazer Town, Bengaluru, with plans to roll out this initiative across all company owned and franchised outlets by March 2024 for expansion in the time ahead. 

Belgian Waffle Factory, renowned for its 100% Eggless waffles, stands as a testament to entrepreneurial triumph and crafting menu suited to the taste buds of its customers. Me-Grow Merchant emerges as a transformative solution, leveraging technology to uncover intricate customer preferences and market dynamics. More than just a tool, Me-Grow Merchant is a strategic ally, empowering businesses to decipher their customers’ preferences and augment marketing strategies, bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. 

Jasal Shah, the MD/CEO of Markelytics Solutions (Me-Grow Merchant is a product of Markelytics), articulated the expansive vision behind this collaboration. He emphasized, “Our goal was to democratize market research, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes and across various sectors. Our fundamental objective is to furnish consistent, insightful, and tailor-made feedback to empower all businesses, enabling them to forge stronger connections with their customers and realize their growth potential. With our association with Belgian Waffle Factory, they will stay closer to their customers than ever before.” 

Nishtha Saxena Sehgal, owner of Belgian Waffle Factory, highlighted the impact, saying, “In our efforts to understand customers better, we’ve encountered challenges. While insights guide us, understanding and using them effectively requires a thorough approach. Furthermore, the constantly changing behavior of consumers presents an ongoing challenge. Changes in preferences and market dynamics demand continuous data monitoring, affecting long-term strategies’ durability, and with Me-Grow Merchant, we aim to achieve all of it along with superior marketing capabilities.” 

The alliance heralds an era of innovation and progress within the QSR sector. Through this strategic collaboration, Me-Grow Merchant and Belgian Waffle Factory embarked on a pioneering journey, poised to profoundly reshape the QSR landscape.