Customer Engagement

Customer engagement plays a vital role in building strong relationships and driving business success. It involves continuous interaction, exceptional service, and an understanding of customer needs. This helps to foster loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy among them, leading to increased retention, sales, and a strong brand reputation.

How can you engage your customers effectively?
Special Promotions and Offers: Create exclusive discounts and limited-time deals to generate excitement and urgency among customers.
Customer Feedback: Actively seek feedback through surveys and conversations to better understand customer needs and make necessary improvements.
Store Ambience and Visual Merchandising: Enhance the shopping experience by creating an inviting store environment, attractive product displays, cleanliness, and organization.
Customer Communication: Regularly inform your customers about new arrivals, special events etc. through channels such as email, SMS etc. Personalize the messages for better results.
Excellent Customer Service: Train your staff to provide friendly and efficient customer service, addressing queries or concerns promptly.
Value-added Services: Differentiate from competitors by offering additional services like home delivery, product demonstrations, or customized orders etc.
How can you accelerate business growth?

Introducing Me-Grow Merchant, a product by Avidestal Technologies. A powerful DIY tool that simplifies customer feedback collection & engagement for small businesses by combining the power of research and cutting-edge technology including AI/ML. It enables regular feedback, helps in sending promotions/offers, and provides performance cards on crucial aspects such as customer service, store ambience etc.

As much as it is important to have regular communication, excessive promotion can negatively affect your brand reputation and potentially lead to customer churn. To effectively utilize Me-Grow’s customer engagement capabilities, it is essential to keep the following dos and don’ts in mind:

Obtain customer consent before sending promotional texts.
Mention the store name in promotional messages to establish brand identity.
Capitalize on important days like festivals or birthdays to send personalized greetings & offers.
Limit promotional messages to 1-2 per week for better engagement.
Send SMS messages between 1-5 PM, as it is considered an optimal time.
Increase your turnaround of weekend sale by sending promotions on Thursday or morning of the sale day.
Avoid bombarding customers with unnecessary messages or notifications.
Be truthful and realistic in your communications, avoiding false promises or discounts you cannot honor.
Avoid sending messages before 11 AM and after 8 PM, respecting customers' busy hours and family time.

By following these best practices and leveraging the capabilities of Me-Grow, you can effectively engage customers, foster loyalty, and drive business growth.