How Me-Grow is leveraging SaaS for a sustainable tomorrow

Q. Kindly discuss in detail regarding the inception of your product, evolution & growth.
A. Our company, Markelytics Solutions has been in the global research business for over 21 years, with operational reach in 80+ countries. We all know that MR is considered a cost-intensive exercise, which eludes many businesses. We delved deep into this during 2021-22 and decided that this has to stop! This was the premise of building a product that can give the power of research to maximum number of businesses.

This led to the idea of Me-Grow, a SaaS (Software-as-a-service) DIY (Do-It-Yourself) product offering all the major realms of digital research. From an all-in-one research automation powerhouse for large enterprises to a stand-alone research offering for individual businesses, along with additional capabilities like marketing, database building & customer engagement for small businesses, you name it, and Me-Grow has the perfect research solution. The common denominator across the solutions offered by this product is the lightning speed at which businesses get insights, the cost-efficiency they gain, and the simplification of complex research processes through advanced technologies, including Al/ML.

Franchise Facts
Income stream format

Regular income through subscription model

Rental Space required

0; No Rentals Required

No. of Franchise Slots


Industries covered



3 to 4 Months or less


20x (conservative estimate)


Starts from 5 lacs

Q. What potential do you see in franchising or scaling this business concept?
A. The strategic decision to take the FOFO (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated), model for Me-Grow Merchant aims to foster the emergence of more entrepreneurs throughout India. With a small investment, franchisees can get 20x returns per our conservative estimates. Furthermore, our franchisee strategy allows no competition within our franchise family, and every franchise shall have around 10K-40K retailer opportunities. In fact, one can scale to a Master franchise as well, which comes with an investment of around INR 15 lakh. To make things easy, we provide all the necessary training and support to our partners to script successful entrepreneurial stories.

Q. Which cities and towns are you looking at as potential cities to expand?
A. We’re offering pan-India franchise opportunities, but the number of franchises available in each city is restricted. Allocation is on a first-come, first-served basis, following a comprehensive due diligence process.

Q. Are you looking at any kind of funding?
A. We are looking for funding from people who understand the business and have the latitude to play the long game, as this product is a revolutionary one but in its nascent stage and requires proper information seeding.

Jasal Shah, the MD & CEO of Markelytics Solutions tells us that how he taps into the needs of businesses through the democratization of research and offers a 360-degree understanding of consumers digitally with a seamless and integrated approach.

How Me-Grow is leveraging SaaS for a sustainable tomorrow